High performance carbon fiber shaft

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MAVRO is a custom high performance carbon fiber shaft made to order.
Each shaft is made to the specs of each player and each player can customize his shaft according to his needs.

The NEW high performance
carbon fiber shaft!

Mavro shaft was developed after making countless experiments in our lab in Greece, taking into consideration reviews and feedback from many professional and amateur players worldwide.
After making countless experiments we managed to develop several techniques that give the MAVRO shaft high performance, with a low deflection characteristics and a nice feedback.

Advanced technology

new shaft - new possibilities


Our shaft is made out of high grade aerospace carbon fibre material, and holds its shape, smooth surface and features for a very long time


Our procedure in making the shaft is so precise, that every shaft with the same specs plays the same way everytime.

Highest energy

Our shaft gives the extra energy without scarifying control, performing extreme shots without losing control.


We achieve the desired weight using a controlled-density foam only without adding any metallic weights, which results in a more balanced shaft with a uniform distribution of the weight and allows us to have an accurate flex-point.


We use a specific technique to enhance the front end of the shaft making it more durable without scarifying the low deflection character of the shaft.

mavro shaft

Mavro - playing

High performance carbon fiber shaft

Mavro - playing

High performance carbon fiber shaft

Mavro - break

High performance carbon fiber shaft


Extremely accurate, powerful, stable and with a sensation that i never met in any other shaft i used before.
Sincererely an UNBELIEVABLE carbon fiber shaft.
Well done Mavro!
Nick Malai
The hooligan

shaft specs

Fully customizable!


29 to 30 (14-15" pro taper)

Tip diameter

11.9 12.2 12.5 12.8 for playing shafts
12.8-13.0 for break and jump shafts

Weight range

95gr ( 3.35oz) to 130gr ( 4.6oz)
standard: 3.7-4oz

Ferrule materials

Juma, Ivorine IV, aegis II, phenolic, double linen, acrylic.

Juma material

Other materials

Cue tips

All tips are available upon request

Joints : almost all joints are available

  • 5/16-18 flat
  • 5/16-18 piloted
  • 5/16-14 Flat
  • 5/16-14 Piloted
  • 3/8-8
  • 3/8-10
  • 3/8-11
  • 3/8-14
  • Uni-loc Quick Release
  • Radial
  • Bullet
    United ( We make a custom tight fit joint using phenolic, or original united joint +20euro)
  • Wavy
  • Pechauer speed joint piloted
  • pechauer speed joint Flat
  • VP2 Longoni
  • XP longoni
  • Some other unusual joints can be made also upon request.

make the best

be the best

Feel the differnce of using MAVRO. The new HIGH PERDFORMANCE carbon fiber shaft.
Made for YOU!

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